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1A-5A Coast To Coast

5A-6A America's First News

6A-9A Flagler's Morning News/Sports

9A-12P Armstrong & Getty/ Free For All Fridays 9A-10A

12P-3P The Dave Ramsey Show

3P-6P The Sean Hannity Show

6P-9P The Mark Levin Show/Trackside Radio (Friday 6P-7P)

9P-10P The Michael Knowles Show

10P-12A The Ben Shapiro Show


12A-7A   Fox Sports

7A-7:30A Free For All Encore

7:30A-8A Outta Sight Sports

8A-8:30A   Speaking of Animals

8:30A-9A   The Flagler Voice

9A-9:30A  Lifeline

9:30A-10A  Live Shop Play

10A-10:30A The Business Report

10:30A-11A Solar Fit Renewable Energy

11A-11:30A Real Estate Matters

11:30A-12P Flagler Health Matters

12P-12A    Fox Sports


12A-6A   Fox Sports

6A-8A  At Home With Gary Sullivan

8A-8:30A   Today With Pastor J

8:30A-9A   The Doctor Is In

9A-9:30A   Sunshine & Sandals Talk

9:30A-10A  Veterans On Point

10A-10:30A Common Grounds

10:30A-11A Free For All Encore

11A-12A    Fox Sports

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