Law Enforcement Memorial ride to Help the Blue Knights

November 1, 2020 9:00 AM
Flagler County

Law Enforcement Memorial ride to help the blue knights Chapter 22 of Flagler County raise money for the charities we support.

The Blue Knights Florida Chapter 22 held their 8th Annual Law Enforcement Memorial Ride in April to celebrate the lives of our fallen law enforcement officers who gave their lives for the communities in which they served. According to Blue Knights Chapter 22 president, David Williams in 2011 there were 166 line of duty deaths in the United States and 12 in the state of Florida. And they specifically hold this run to remember Flagler County’s lost officers: Sheriff Perry Hall, EOW (end of watch) August 21, 1927, Deputy George W. ”Son” Durrance, EOW August 25, 1927, Deputy Charles T. “Chuck” Sease, EOW July 5, 2003, Trooper Darryl Louis Haywood Sr., EOW October 2, 2004 and Sergeant Francesco Luigi “Frankie” Celico, EOW September 9, 2011.

Those who helped make this event a success included the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, the Flagler Beach Police Department, Commissioner Hanns and Flagler County, the law firm of Rue and Ziffra, the many companies and organizations that donated gifts and money, the Blue Knights and specifically Chapter 22. And the Blue Knights want to thank those mentioned and all who rode on this event.

We should all take the time to honor those officers that serve us and not forget the many lives lost each year in service to us all.