Ozzy Osbourne and Motely Crue Tribute: Monster of Mock

June 14, 2019 7:15 PM

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Date: 6/14/2019 Time: 7:15 PM Location: Bandshell About The Event The Monsters of Mock Show features 2 incredible Tribute Bands that will take you back to those big arena concerts of the 80s! DIARY OF AN OZZMAN IS AN EXCITING HIGH ENERGY OZZY OSBOURNE TRIBUTE SHOW! This is Ozzy at his best and craziest with an incredible band and show that will rock any festival stage or venue! You won’t believe your eyes and ears! The band also features one of the best guitarists on the planet, Gary Schutt, who himself is a world touring national recording artist and front man of his own band. CRAZY TRAIN IRON MAN MAMMA I’M COMIN’ HOME WAR PIGS BARK AT THE MOON SHOT IN THE DARK …AND MANY MORE! CARNIVAL OF CRUE IS THE ULTIMATE MOTLEY CRUE TRIBUTE BAND! The real Crue called it a day and is no more but COC will continue the legacy! For over 10 years this fantastic tribute band has played many large event stages, top venues, fly in shows to casinos and more. Expect all of the massive hits done right with a band that looks, sounds and rocks like the real thing did! HOME SWEET HOME WILDSIDE GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS SAME OLD SITUATION DON’T GO AWAY MAD SMOKIN’ IN THE BOYS ROOM LOOKS THAT KILL AND MANY MORE!

70 Boardwalk, Daytona Beach, FL 32118